Churchill Drive, Ketley Bank, Telford


Churchill Drive, Ketley Bank, Telford


The Wrekin Housing Trust



Project Duration

12 months


£ 1.3 Million 


We were awarded with the design and build contract for 14 sustainable properties near to Telford Town Centre. This included 11 semi-detached affordable homes and 3 bungalows which were all awarded Level 3 of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Level 3 was achieved by using the following iniciatives:

  • Properties were each fitted with energy display devices, for both gas and electric so that usage can be better managed.
  • Water butts were installed to collect rainwater, inturn reducing water wastage.
  • External lighting runs off a combination of  PIR/ timer/ sensor systems to reduce energy being wasted.
  • Internal recycling bins were fitted in all the properties to encourage recycling.
  • EU Energy labelling was explained in depth through an informative Home User Guide.

The bungalows were designed to meet lifetime ownership, therefore including additional facilities including; please add in details.

This project was awarded with Performance Beyond Compliance certification from the Considerate Constructors Scheme, which was due to the environmental respect, care for the community and workforce, the overall appearance and the consideration for everyone’s safety.